The Official 2018 Socceroo's Checklist

With the World Cup well underway, the Australian Socceroo's are set to bring their A-game to the mighty Denmark team. In order for you to get the most out of your World Cup experience, ChekRite has created a

What the B17 Taught Us About Checklists - And What’s Next

In the past century, technology and the sheer amount of tasks required to safely carry out complex, formalised processes has long surpassed the capabilities of the human memory to execute tasks effectively. As author

How to Checklist for Equipment Hire and Vehicles


Regular testing of equipment provides a level of security within each industry.  They should be conducted daily depending on the following factors: frequency of use and the environment. However, if inspections for

Three of the Worst Workplace Disasters in History

Anyone working in the industrial sector will tell you we’re a long way away from a fatality-free world. Workplace safety is continually reforming as its advocates grow louder and regulations become tighter. Here are

The Bottom Line on Wet and Dry Hire

When hiring equipment for projects, it’s important to determine how the machinery you pay for will cut into your bottom line. There are two options to consider when hiring equipment: “wet” and “dry” hire. It’s