ChekRite’s Annual Maintenance and Reliability Survey 2018

Welcome to ChekRite's Annual Maintenance and Reliability Survey. Our survey aims to explore maintenance and reliability across a variety of industries to assess and measure maintenance culture maturity to identify

How Predictive Maintenance Delivers Results in the Industrial Sector

To accelerate enterprise’s digital transformation efforts, the Internet of Things (IoT) surfaced and captured the audience of the business world. IoT is proving to be one of the greatest technology wonders of its

Are You Ready? The Countdown is On

After months of anticipation and raising awareness for changes in CoR provisions,  Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) reforms will finally be implemented on October 1st 2018, with penalties more severe than ever set

'How to achieve clarity of mind by de-cluttering your surrounds, and adding to it with purpose' as told by Alexandra Whitehead, Psychologist and co-founder of Becon Health.

Written by Alexandra Whitehead, CEO and Co-Founder of Becon Health and Psychologist at Be Psyched. Have you ever walked into an office where your co-worker has paper pilled sky high, with post-it notes stuck on

The Official 2018 Socceroo's Checklist

With the World Cup well underway, the Australian Socceroo's are set to bring their A-game to the mighty Denmark team. In order for you to get the most out of your World Cup experience, ChekRite has created a