Capturing data in the right way can unleash hidden value

filing-cabinets-and-open-drawers-3d-illustration-P5PUV4A.jpgWhy is consistency important when it comes to capturing data? If you are using paper based checklists or even digitised versions of those checklists chances you are capturing data in an unstructured and haphazard way. This can slow down your decision making process and make it almost impossible to do any kind of analysis.

The problem we’ve encountered at many of our clients is that their checklists ask open ended questions that require the user to write or type an answer. While this seems like a easy process it results in very poor data capture. Different users will answer the questions in very different ways with varying amounts of detail. This means that follow up work is often required to find out the exact nature of the highlighted problem. The checklist was not capturing enough data for it to be truly useful. Filling out a checklist becomes a costly burden to be endured instead of a value adding business tool.

Doing the right thing, the right way and at the right time, all the time is a strong driver of efficiency and best practice. It is a well known fact that individuals on diverse sites will interpret the same situation differently and while this may or may not be serious, it detracts from a well run operation. So that proper analysis of equipment performance can be analysed, compared and continuously improved, having consistency in regular activities is essential.

Consistent and structured data capture can unlock the hidden value in that data. How long are your inspections taking? How can you improve a particular process? Which brand of equipment is the most reliable? Where was the checklist really completed? These questions can all be answered if you capture the data in the right way.

ChekRite achieves consistent data capture by allowing users to capture the data in an efficient, and structured way. Using their mobile device the person capturing the data is presented with one simple question per screen before moving to the next one. Questions are answered with simple choices that the user selects like Yes/No or Pass/Fail.  Depending on how they answer that first question they are then asked to select from a defined list of options that you specify. They can also take a photo and draw on that photo to highlight the problem. It’s as easy to use as an ATM.

Once the data is captured in the ChekRite system in a consistent way detailed analysis can then easily be carried out.

Current paper based systems do not provide the opportunity to manage time taken to carry out checks, identify continual bad actors in terms of system faults and failures, and highlight training deficiencies.

Time & Motion studies with ChekRite

Another advantage of consistency is the ability to do time & motion studies with all of your processes. Each step of the ChekRite inspection process is timestamped and geo located using the device’s GPS. Armed with this information you can see which processes are taking the longest to complete. Make a change to the process and then review the information again from ChekRite to see the impact of the change. Cost benefit analysis becomes easy with ChekRite.