How confident are you that everyone in your organisation is following the rules everyday?


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Compliance with Occupational, Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations is a vital part of any organisation’s processes.

Everyone’s business activities are subject to many and varied statutory requirements. These are generated by all levels of government. In addition of statutory requirements there are often self imposed regulations such as safety and financial requirements to ensure the smooth running of your operation.

Complying with these is a mammoth task and the penalties for non-compliance are significant. You also need to be able to quickly and efficiently demonstrate that compliance has occurred in the event of an incident or a random audit is conducted.

Apart from fines and sanctions for companies and directors there is also negative publicity to consider. Would you like your company’s name or your own name to make the newspapers for all the wrong reasons? Unfortunately, stories of workplace accidents that result in injury or death are all too common. Then, when an investigation is carried out, one of the causes is often due to staff not complying with external and internal safety standards. A breakdown in the system had occurred and gone undetected for days, weeks or even months.

" you confidence that all your staff are following the rules."

ChekRite automatically keeps an auditable record of all the occupational health and safety checks [OH&S] you perform, giving you confidence that all your staff are following the rules. No more storage and retrieval of boxes of paper forms. If there is an incident you can simply retrieve the required information from the ChekRite online portal or the ChekMate mobile application.

The problem of non-compliance is further exacerbated by a lack of transparency if the non-compliance is deliberate. For example, paper checklists can be filled out and signed at the end of the day, without the work actually being done properly. Management are not aware that the procedures are not being followed as there is no quick way of reporting breaches to them. A small problem can go undetected and grow into a large problem before anyone in the management team is aware of it.

ChekRite timestamps and geolocates every step of the inspection process. If an inspection is meant to be done at a particular site and normally takes 30 minutes and a member of staff completes this at a different location and only takes 5 minutes, ChekRite can automatically notify management of the anomaly.