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ChekRite ensures regulation compliance, increases process consistency and reduces admin cost.

ChekRite provides multiple avenues of opportunity for businesses to improve performance and reduce costs.

With the removal of paper, ChekRite can reduce the duration of checklists, eliminate lagging information, reduce investigative costs, improve reliability and accuracy of inspections, provide insight through data analysis, decrease audit retrieval costs and provide instant reporting.

The ChekRite suite includes our hero app ChekRite where users will complete their inspections, ChekMate our management app designed to triage problem inspections captured in ChekRite, and the ChekRite Analytics platform used to explore process data captured in ChekRite. All specifically designed with your least tech-savvy team member in mind we have thought of everything to ensure minimal learning curve with maximum support.

ChekRite’s inspection capabilities can be a simple or complex as your business needs them to be, as we custom build every checklist in-house.

From Machine Pre-Start inspections, Plant and Site shutdown, On and Off Hire checks, Structural and Site inspections, to Service and Maintenance, Health and Safety Audits and Failure investigations, our subject matter experts ensure ChekRite allows you to capture the data you really want to with custom questions relevant to your business.

Our customers include Civil Engineers and Contractors, Heavy Vehicle Fleet, Plant and Equipment Hire, Mining, Gas, Oil, and Council, so no matter how big or small your business, ChekRite can replace your existing paper process or develop custom API integration to seamlessly co-exist with your current systems.

The ChekRite Suite

We have considered everything when it comes to replacing paper, even your least tech-savvy team members will find using ChekRite to be as easy as an ATM. Save time, eliminate admin and prioritise compliance with ChekRite.


ChekRite is an App for managing data capture processes such as inspections, audits, and checklists. ChekRite eliminates the frustration associated with traditional paper-based clipboard checklists and provides a flexible, easy-to-use alternative.
ChekRite does not replace your existing asset or maintenance management applications, instead, it complements them!
All data captured can be quickly and easily integrated, eliminating the need for manual entry.


ChekMate is a convenient management tool that allows authorised users to administer your users, assets, and devices on the go, triage and review issues, view your own personal reporting dashboards, and so much more.
Now you can know what’s going on at all times straight from your phone. This companion app is ideal for Managers or Supervisors.

ChekRite Analytics

ChekRite Analytics is your intelligence software and data analytics platform which simply breaks down the results of checklists submitted through ChekRite.
This add on feature is integrated into your ChekRite Portal and allows you to explore the information you capture with ChekRite in any way that you can imagine. You can even set up your own reporting schedules to keep others informed.
ChekRite Analytics is a tool to further business improvement and keep you in the know.

Inside an Inspection

Capture, Visualise, and Explore Field Data, in Real-Time. With the world’s easiest user interface and 24/7 support, your team can’t go wrong with ChekRite.

Responsive Layout

Adaptable to gloves, ChekRite offers buttons large enough to read behind your safety goggles, and big enough to touch with gloves. With each question of your inspections taking up a single screen, team members can ensure accuracy with attention to detail.

Ready when you are

Whether you’re onsite, at a depo, or drilling in an underground mine, ChekRite will save and submit inspections without a Wifi connection. Available to Apple and Android clients, ChekRite, ChekMate and ChekRite Analytics can transform your inspections to save time and improve process.

ChekRite in action

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Explore life before and after the implementation of ChekRite with some of Australia’s leading Construction and Mining companies.

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Capture data with glove-friendly touch and go pre-fill options, upload photos and record audio straight from your device.
Inspect with ChekRite App.
Empower your team with the ability to capture data electronically from the field, and stay notified in real-time.
Manage with ChekMate App.

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