Streamline Site Inspections

  • Ditch the clipboard and inspect faster with your iPhone or iPad.
  • Intuitive design makes performing an inspection really easy, for everyone. No heavy manuals, academic degrees or training required.
  • With our innovative workflow, you don't need to handwrite or type comments. The results - fast and correct, every time. 
  • Did something go wrong? With automatic notifications sent directly to your inbox, your finger is always on the pulse.

Rock those Safety Audits

  • Each action is automatically time stamped and geolocated for audit purposes, giving you a traceable record of when breaches occur and how they are dealt with.
  • Post inspection reports are automatically generated and stored in one place. Ready to be retrieved at any moment and guaranteeing you a better sleep. 
  • Easily searchable catalogue enables stress-free access to relevant data at any time.

Redefine Quality Control

  • Is it the front wheel that always squeaks? Tap into the wealth of your data and uncover hidden patterns to optimise performance and make better decisions.
  • Speed up processes using your own tools or ChekRite's Data Analytics service to extract information on relevant business insights. 
  • No detail is too small - all photos in the app are automatically processed in the right place, with the right data including asset, user, location and timestamp. Annotate the photo afterwards using tools within the app.

Create a Safer Environment

  • Conduct hazard analysis anywhere on-site and use audit reports to alert team members of dangers through automatic notifications.
  • Determine appropriate measures to prevent risks from occurring by extracting and analysing data.

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