The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is the first global pandemic in 11 years since H1N1 (Swine Flu) in 2009. This highly contagious virus presents a significant risk to the elderly and those with chronic health issues. ChekRite have made available a free tool for our customers to use to help gauge their potential risk from this virus.

asha_30120_twrtticrnvrsWhat is the free coronavirus survey?

We have gathered information from various government resources around the world to create a quick survey that your staff can use to alert you of any potential risk of transmission of coronavirus in your workplace. It should be noted that this is NOT a foolproof or guaranteed method of determining risk as it relies heavily on self assessment, but it will give you an understanding of a level of risk and where you should concentrate your own efforts to reduce the risk of transmission. Please see our disclaimers at the bottom of this page. Whilst we have undertaken considerable research to create this survey, you should not view it as medical advice and it can and should be augmented with the current available advice from government sources.


How do I use it?

First of all, if you plan on using this, please contact us here so that we can advise you on how best to use it and set up reporting for you. To use this survey in your ChekRite environment you will need to do the following:

  1. Confirm that the checklist is correct for current company and government guidelines. Review the content of the checklist and make sure it conforms to your needs.
  2. Set up an Asset Structure for using this checklist. See below for how to do this.
  3. Ensure all employees are in ChekRite. Hopefully all your employees are already registered to use ChekRite but if not, you will need to load them in. If you don't have all your employees already in ChekRite we can bulk load them in for you. Just contact us and we can sort this out for you.
  4. Publish and assign the checklist. Once you have confirmed the checklist is correct, publish it, and then assign it to the asset classes that you have created above.
  5. Set up Notifications. You will want to set up notifications for this checklist based on how people answer it. Ideally you will set one up based on them answering Yes to any of the key at risk questions. If you need help with this please contact us and we can assist you with this.
  6. Communicate to your staff. Tell your staff that this survey is available and ask them to complete it in conjunction with any other coronavirus communications that you might be planning.

If you don't feel comfortable or are unsure of any of the above steps, please contact us here and we will gladly set this up for you.


Set up an Asset Structure


ChekRite is an asset based system and all checklists are performed against an asset. In the case, of this survey it's best that the asset be your areas of operation to better enable you to segment your results. We recommend that if you don't already have it you create an asset structure of Facility -> Site -> Area so that you can add appropriate areas or buildings. To do this, follow the instructions here using an Asset Category of "Facility", an Asset Class of "Site" and an Asset Sub-Class of "Area". Then add an asset for each of your areas. e.g. you might want to add an asset for each building that your staff are in. When the staff are using the survey they should select the building they are in, then start the checklist. That way, when results are reported you will not only know who they are but what building they are in.


 webinar-3-most-demanded-analytics-features-300x214Reporting Results

If you plan on using or adapting our coronavirus survey you are going to want some information or reporting about the results submitted by your employees. Of course you can use notifications in ChekRite to get alerted on results in real time, but we are providing complimentary ChekRite Analytics reports on this survey whilst the virus remains a threat to any of our customers. To get the report sent to you please contact us here once you have started using the survey.


e24982369a32d97b56f206d303066b70I still have questions

If you have any problems setting up or publishing the coronavirus survey that we have made available please don't hesitate to get in contact with your ChekRite Account Manager or contact us here at

If you have questions about the coronavirus or COVID-19 please refer to your local government website for the latest information. In Australia it's here. In New Zealand it's here.

Is it really free? Yes, we have the ability to flag certain checklists as being non-billing which is what we have done in this case. So you are free for your employees to submit this as often as necessary during this crisis. It will not count towards your billable transactions for the month.



  • We are not medical professionals. This is not medical advice. Seriously, we aren't and it isn't!
  • This survey should only be used to ascertain your own potential risk and should also be used in conjunction with current available government and company advice.
  • The coronavirus situation is fluid and things are changing all the time. This survey may need to be adapted by you to take into account the most recent advice from government health departments and your own company guidelines.