Get ahead of the Competition

  • Increase operational efficiency and productivity by integrating innovative mobile solutions into your inspection workflows
  • Empower your crew with our intuitive and user-friendly applications that are designed to minimize their learning curve and encourage them to use the system every day
  • Reduce the time spent on photographing the equipment and manually compiling reports with ChekRite's integrated photo-capture functionality  
  • Impress your clients with error-free and timely inspections using our unique workflow which allows the user to perform an inspection without hand-writing or manually typing comments

Transform to a Digital Business

  • Effortlessly retrieve all your digital paperwork from the easily searchable catalogue the moment you need it
  • Reclaim all that space occupied by tons of paper documents and file cabinets
  • Establish consistency of policies, procedures and practices across your business with digital checklists and inspections 
  • Ensure compliance with relevant industry safety protocols by customising checklists as the requirements change

Convert Your Data into Power

  • Who is your fastest inspector? What piece of equipment is failing the most? Employ ChekRite's Data Analytics service or use your own tools to uncover hidden patterns and take your business to the new heights
  • ChekRite's powerful functionality allows the user to capture any data in the most efficient and structured way. Audio files, barcodes, dates, times, numbers - the limit is only your imagination
  • Automatic alerts can notify you when an inspection is completed or any fault is detected. You control what you want to know and when
  • Prolong your asset health by monitoring its condition and analyzing the performance over time

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