ChekRite ensures our team are doing the same steps, in the same way, to get to the same result”

Sargent Rental and Maintainance
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Since the implementation of ChekRite we have virtually eliminated our Admin and our productivity has gone through the roof. Not only can we send reports instantly to our admin team, but we can also send reports to our customers so they know what’s happening with the technician onsite.

Mike Harrison

Service Manager

The ChekRite system has allowed us to add another level of professionalism on top of where we already at with the ability to capture images before our equipment goes out means our reports are black and white and there are no discrepancies with on/off hire.

Glenn Ross

General Manager

“ChekRite allows us to control the workflow, monitor how long the checks take, and to get useful data at the end of the check process that we can use to improve the quality of our product.

Shane Valley

National Engineering Manager

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