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Fowlers Machine Hire

Fowlers Machinery

An iconic name in the new and used forklift sales and support industry for more than 55 years, Fowlers Machinery has a range of top quality clients from all over New Zealand, many of whom have dealt with the team at Fowlers Machinery for more than 27 years.
"We did all our health and safety analysis on paper- it was a long and timely process. We soon got ChekRite on board and since, quality work has flown out the door." - Fowlers Machinery
Black and White Cabs

Black and White Cabs

Creative Director
Black & White Cabs has been serving our community for almost 100 years. Being almost a century old means that we’ve stood the test of time…how have we done that you ask? We’ve adapted to changes in the industry, listened to our customers and are continually researching and implementing new technology.
"We had one meeting with ChekRite and we knew we needed it right away. With all the features, I was expecting there to be an extra zero on the end of the cost..." - Black and White Cabs
March Construction

March Construction

Marketing Director
March Construction is a New Zealand company which specialises in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering Contracting all over the world.
"Before ChekRite, people were still doing pre-start inspections, but it was just a paper copy. ChekRite makes life easier. We can set up notifications straight away and get alerts for problems, but most importantly, it's just so simple to use, which gives me confidence about what's happening in the field." - March Construction


Sales Director
Penske Corporation is a transportation services company whose subsidiaries operate in a variety of industry segments, including retail automotive, truck leasing, transportation logistics and professional motorsports. Penske Corporation manages businesses with revenues in excess of $26 billion, operating in more than 3,300 locations and employing over 50,000 people worldwide.
"We use ChekRite to pre-delivery inspections on all our vehicles. Most valuably is the data we get at the end, which helps us improve our processes."- Penske
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