Take Your Business to the New Heights

  • Leave your paper forms in the past and start inspecting your fleet with a phone or a tablet
  • Thanks to the intuitive and approachable interface, your crew will easily navigate through the app and consistently perform error-free inspections
  • Our intelligent systems make it easy for you to capture and analyse your operational data. Use the insights to boost performance, reduce costs and increase profitability to outperform all competitors
  • Reclaim your precious time by taking images directly from the app and automatically embedding them into the report

Automate & Optimize

  • Automate your inspection process with customizable selection of pre-defined answers. Because you don’t need to type or handwrite comments, human error is minimized ensuring 100% accurate data that is easy to analyse
  • No internet - no worries. With our offline mode you won’t need an internet connection to perform an inspection. All data is automatically synchronized once you are back online
  • Forget about the hustle of searching through piles of paper for the information you need. Retrieve any data effortlessly from an easily searchable catalogue

Stay on Top of Your Compliance

  • Instant notifications will let you know immediately when something is not right, ensuring your business is compliant with the industry standards at all time
  • Identify hazards and prevent breaches before they occur using ChekRite's Data Analytics service or your own tools to extract and analyse data.
  • With geo-tagging and time-stamping functionality you will always know when and where a form was completed. Keeping an auditable record has never been easier

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