Hygeine Audits - Made Simple

  • Forget about the burden of tracking loose sheets of paper and easily conduct hygiene audits using the most advanced mobile technologies
  • Thanks to the user-friendly interface - anyone is able to pick up an iPhone device or an iPad and use ChekRite's software
  • Remove ambiguity and reduce human error - ditch handwriting and typing to produce faster and more accurate results every time
  • Ensure every step of the Occupational, Health and Safety or Hygiene procedures are conducted safely, efficiently, and correctly

Quality Assurance at a New Level

  • Use ChekRite's innovative software to consistently conduct quality audits of your products
  • Ensure your products always satisfy the highest standards using ChekRite's efficient digitalised processes
  • Identify hazards and prevent breaches before they occur using ChekRite's instant alerts and notifications
  • With flexible solutions designed to meet your changing needs, it is easy to customize your checklists and inspection forms as the industry standards or compliance requirements change
See how Loaf, a premium international bakery from New Zealand, have benefited from integrating ChekRite into their operations.

Power Your Business with Data

  • ChekRite's powerful functionality allows the user to capture any data in the most efficient and structured way. Audio files, barcodes, dates, times, numbers - the limit is only your imagination
  • Employ ChekRite's Data Analytics service or use your own tools to uncover hidden patterns and take your business to the new heights
  • Automatic alerts can notify you when an inspection is completed or any fault is detected. You control what you want to know and when
  • Prolong your asset health by monitoring its condition and analyzing the performance over time

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