Facilities Management at the Highest Level

  • Replace paper-based facilities inspections with the most advanced mobile technologies for faster and more efficient operations
  • Intuitive interface guarantees smooth technology adoption -  it’s so easy to pick up an iPhone or an iPad and perform an accurate inspection
  • Innovative workflow guides the user through every question of the checklist step by step - easy to follow and produce excellent results in no time
  • Take photos directly from the mobile app when you detect a breach and automatically embed them into the inspection report. This information can be easily retrieved from the centralized catalogue making monitoring the condition of your facilities really easy

Embrace Digital Audits

  • Ensure your HIPAA compliance documentation is safely and securely stored in a centralized location
  • With instant notifications and alerts sent to you via email or via the app, you can respond to incidents immediately and always stay on top of your compliance
  • Every action is automatically time stamped and geolocated for audit purposes, giving you a traceable record of when incidents occur and how they are dealt with
  • With flexible solutions designed to meet your changing needs, it is easy to customize your checklists and inspection forms as the industry standards or compliance requirements change

Grow Your Business Intelligence

  • Unlike many apps on the market, ChekRite does not simply convert your paperwork into unintelligent PDF files. Instead, its innovative technology allows you to capture every bit of data in a structured way and uncover hidden trends
  • Take photos, record audio, scan barcodes - directly from the app. All data will be automatically attached to the report saving you time and ensuring that critical information won’t get lost
  • Thanks to ChekRite’s offline functionality, you can perform an inspection or complete a form in any location. All generated data will be synchronized with the database automatically when you are back online

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