Streamline Room Inspections & Safety Audits

  • Leave the past behind and replace your paper-based forms with ChekRite’s innovative mobile solutions
  • With our user-friendly interface your team will pick up a phone or a tablet and perform an error-free room inspection in no time
  • Take photos, record audio, scan barcodes - directly from the app. All data will be automatically attached to the report saving you time and ensuring that critical information won’t get lost

Keep a Perfect Record

  • After an inspection or a form is complete, a report is automatically generated and saved in a secure central location. You can opt in to receive the report via email or simply access documents from the catalogue when needed
  • As your staff member is conducting an inspection, choose to receive instant notifications and be alerted immediately when a follow-up action is required
  • Thanks to ChekRite’s offline functionality, you can perform an inspection or complete a form in any location. All generated data will be synchronized with the database automatically when you are back online

Boost Your Business Intelligence

  • ChekRite’s powerful data-capture functionality unlocks your business intelligence helping you make better decisions based on empirical knowledge. Better decisions impact the bottom level results and boost your operational efficiency
  • Make your paper-based processes truly intelligent. Thanks to ChekRite’s innovative workflow, you won’t need to type or handwrite comments. Simply select an item from the list of predefined choices and transform previously lost qualitative data into real insights
  • Employ our Data Analytics service or use your own tools to extract and analyse data

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