Boost Efficiency, Eliminate Inadequacy

  • Reduce the burden of tracking loose sheets of paper and quickly conduct inspections using advanced digital technologies. 
  • Thanks to a user-friendly interface - anyone is able to pick up an iPhone device or iPad and use ChekRite's software.
  • Remove ambiguity and reduce human error - ditch handwriting and typing to produce faster and more accurate results every time.

Become an Industry Leader on Safety

  • Ensure your company is adhering to safety standards using ChekRite's efficient digitalised processes.
  • Use ChekRite's innovative software to consistently conduct inspections on your equipment. 
  • Identify hazards and prevent breaches before they occur using ChekRite's Data Analytics service or your own tools to extract and analyse data.

Employ Consistency

  • Conduct inspections and receive automatic alerts when audits are completed. Real-time insight means errors can quickly be fixed.
  • Access relevant data from a centralised location whenever you need it. 
  • Use data insights from ChekRite to improve performance systems and decision-making abilities. 
  • Create customisable checklists which assess common risks and take preventative measures to eliminate hazards.

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