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ChekRite is the most powerful platform to conduct pre-start inspections from your device, keeping you in the know on, and off site.


Here are some checklists our customers are using:

Critical Risk Inspections, Site Hazards, Environmental Hazards, Pre-Start Inspections, Confined Space Entry, Safety Assessment, Construction Hazard, Weekly Toolbox Meetings, Site Induction, Fuel Levels, Attachment Checklist, Wet and Dry Hire Return Report, SEQH, Vacuum Excavation for Potholes, Quality Manual (SHEQ), PPE, Tools and Equipment, Heavy Equipment Inspection, Hazardous Chemicals/Air Contaminants...





Maximise Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency and productivity by integrating innovative mobile solutions into your inspection workflows


Empower your Team

Empower your crew with our intuitive and user-friendly applications that are designed to minimise their learning curve and encourage them to use the system every day


Save Time

Reduce the time spent on photographing the equipment and manually compiling reports with ChekRite's integrated photo-capture functionality


Increase Productivity

Impress your clients with error-free and timely inspections using our unique workflow which allows the user to perform an inspection without hand-writing or manually typing comments


Eliminate Paper Scraps

Effortlessly retrieve all your data from the easily searchable digital filing cabinet the moment you need it, and reclaim all that space occupied by tons of paper documents and folders


Improve Process

Establish consistency of policies, procedures and practices across your business with digital checklists and inspections and ensure compliance with relevant industry safety protocols by customising checklists as the requirements change
ChekRite for March Construction

The real difference between using ChekRite compared to handwritten checklists are the features and functionality that ultimately help machine hire companies conduct pre-start inspections.

“I used to carry a camera on me and take photos and it was time consuming. ChekRite is just so flexible; you can take photos, you can pinpoint your location with the GPS, it’s just amazing what you can do with it.” says D&M Plant Hire.

The ease of use for machine hire companies translates to a higher quality of service for clients. Inspections with ChekRite are done on site, and sharing reports happen immediately, which track progress for anyone who needs to stay in the know.

Reporting on a single audit, thanks to manual data entry, formatting, and attaching photos, used to take two hours, and it’s now done in minutes, all thanks to ChekRite.

There are many issues in the current auditing process for machine hire companies. It is slow, it is inefficient, and there are always the inherent dangers of having to carry extra items when working at heights.

When working at heights, which many machines and operators do frequently, it’s crucial to focus on the environment and your own task, rather than unnecessary equipment like a clipboard.

Carrying a notepad and pen while running through several preventative maintenance checklists, scrawling notes and taking photos on a camera proves to be time consuming, and clunky.

This process of collecting data on site with a notepad and pen lead to even more work, as workers have to continuously come back to type up client reports, and then insert the photos taken on cameras.

All of this extra time is simply extra unpaid work, and less time spent with family for the small businesses, and for the Tier One companies- extra money spent on admin salaries, and delays in reporting to account for the data transfer. 

Not only does ChekRite digitise checklists, but because lugging around physical documentation is no longer needed ChekRite  expands the checklist from one page to multiple pages which proves to be much more comprehensive.

We did all our health and safety analysis on paper- it was a long and time-consuming process. We soon got ChekRite on board and since, quality work has flown out the door.

John Fowler

Fowlers Machinery

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ChekRite your Access Equipment

Crane Operators achieve vertical access on job sites, and get to hard-to-reach places. From Slewing Cranes, to Tower Cranes, operators find ChekRite to be a valuable resource when assessing safety, due to the ease and simplicity of an electronic inspection, by minimising clutter in confined environments at height.  



ChekRite your Hydraulics

Commonly seen on job sites across the country, compactors that use static force use smooth or padded rollers, and the earth is kneaded to enhance compaction. ChekRite helps manage the fuel safety, and the four stroke machine safety pre-start inspection.


ChekRite your Mixers and Crushers

Large-scale earthworks projects almost always require either crushing or mixing as well as transportation of materials. Crushers are used to change the form of waste materials so they can be recycled, or to differentiate materials in a solid mix of raw ore during the mining process. Use ChekRite for mobile crusher maintenance, ideal for when your machines are on site for lengthy periods. 



ChekRite before you move Earth

Earthmoving equipment covers a broad range of load-shifting or other machinery often used for site preparation, excavation, trenching, tunnelling, demolition or roadworks in the construction industry. Specific types include excavators, backhoes, loaders, graders, rollers, scrapers and dozers. Use ChekRite to conduct your pre-start inspections to ensure you’re good to go.


ChekRite your Fuel Levels

For large projects, you’re going to need a lot of fuel. As a contractor, it may be necessary to supply fuel as part of your wet hire agreement. This can be challenging if the project is in a remote area, or you face machines being returned with fuel missing. ChekRite is the solution to ensuring fuel levels are maintained on equipment return, reinforcing accountability and cost recovery. 


ChekRite your Operating Conditions

If you're using your machines for wet or dry hire, it is imperative as part of the pre-start inspection, that your operator asses the operating conditions prior to beginning work. ChekRite can help your operator determine whether the environment is safe for work simply, to sidestep devastation and damage to your assets. 

Successful Contractors may perform routine tasks in unique ways, but all know the importance of maintaining equipment. Equipment covered by a maintenance policy and process enjoy a longer useful life, with minimal costly downtime, and improves operator safety.

One aspect of ChekRite is the pre-start checklist. Before a piece of equipment is moved or goes into service for the day, the operator must complete a thorough inspection known as a pre-start inspection. The purpose of the pre-start checklist is to stop and make your employee think – “Is this equipment safe to use?” .

Pre-start inspections using ChekRite ensures your operators can identify small problems before they become big ones as well as uncover potential defects that might cause damage to the equipment if used.

Some construction companies standardise their Pre-Start Checklist so that one form works for all equipment, from nail guns to cranes and everything in between.

Other companies prefer separate checklists for each type of equipment used on the site. ChekRite makes it easy for your company to customise pre-start checklists specific to your machines, so you stay in the know.

With any device that can access the internet, equipment operators can complete the pre-start checklist, and upload to ChekRite. If a repair or maintenance procedure is needed, supervisors get an instant notification, so they can schedule the repair.  

ChekRite for Fowlers Machinery 

An iconic name in the new and used forklift sales and support industry for more than 55 years, Fowlers Machinery has a range of top quality clients from all over New Zealand, many of whom have dealt with the team at Fowlers Machinery for more than 27 years.

ChekRite - Fowlers Machinery

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