Increase Operating Efficiency

  • Eliminate paper and swiftly conduct inspections using an iPhone or iPad. 
  • A user-friendly interface means that anyone can use our service effectively from day one and produce the same results, saving you from training each employee on the system.
  • Our cutting-edge technology leaves handwriting and typing in the past - producing faster and more accurate results every time. 
  • Got an issue that needs to be resolved? Automatic notifications mean that the right people are alerted, in real time.

Boost Safety Standards

  • Conduct safety inspections anytime, anywhere and maintain an auditable record in an easy to access centralised database.
  • Identify hazards and immediately make decisions in a fraction of the time using our innovative software.
  • Each action is automatically time stamped and geolocated for audit purposes, giving you a traceable record of when breaches occur and how they are dealt with.
  • Prevent compliance breaches before they occur using ChekRite's Data Analytics service or your own tools to extract and analyse data. 

Discover your Strengths... and Weaknesses

  • Use ChekRite's wealth of features to ensure consistency across your business, as well as identify areas for improvement. 
  • Use data insights to improve performance systems and decision-making abilities. 
  • Do employee incidents occur frequently? ChekRite will enable you to create customisable checklists which assess risks and take measures to prevent them from transforming into harmful accidents. 

We continuously work with clients from a wide range of industries to tailor solutions specifically to meet your needs. Click the button below to request a demo designed especially for organizations in the mining industry.


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