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We want Australia to be the first country in the world to replace all paper-based inspections on Plant, with a digital platform.


Planet ChekRite is an initiative to bring Deforestation Awareness to our industry with a solution to eliminate paper checklists


There are currently 3 trillion trees left in the world, with 15 billion trees being cut down per year to fuel the demand of single-use office paper


Without trees, the land will heat up and inevitably result in wildfires, extreme rainfall, erosion, extinction, and famine


Our aim is to educate tradies to protect their assets without contributing to the ecological demise, by encouraging them to turn to a digital solution like ChekRite
9 billion trees worldwide are cut down every year, just so you can tick and flick.
That’s 3,600,000 hectares of trees
That’s 3.6 million football fields
Which is the same size as Kenya
Or double the size of New Zealand

There are three trillion trees left in the world. With the current demand seeing 15 billion trees being cut down a year, it would take at least 200 years to fell them all.

40% of construction and mining companies are still using paper-based checklists on the job. That’s roughly 9 billion trees every year, just for paper-based checklists.

80% of land animals and plants live in forests and without the trees, most of them will die. Trees also keep the ground wet and cool and help to drive the water cycle. A large tree can push 150 tonnes of water into the atmosphere each year, which then falls back on the forest as rain. With no trees, the land will heat up and dry out and the deadwood will inevitably result in enormous wildfires. This will fill the sky with soot that blocks out the Sun, causing failed harvests for several years and leading to worldwide famine.

The construction industry is one of the least digitised industries. Why is this? If we know that 9 billion trees are being lopped for our industry, solely for inspections and checklists, why are we not doing anything to help?

World consumption of paper has grown 400 percent in the last 40 years. Besides what you can see around you, paper comes in many forms like tissue paper, cardboard packaging, electrical plugs to home insulation, even the sole inserts in your steel cap boots contain paper.

Paper is everywhere. The mining industry presents diverse challenges for workers and organisations, sometimes on a daily basis. A fast-changing environment means there is a constant requirement to monitor different assets, safety equipment, and processes.

So what do safety, checklists, and productivity, have to do with trees?
(a lot more than you think)
  • 35% of construction professionals’ time is spent (over 14 hours per week) on non-productive activities including looking for project information, conflict resolution and dealing with mistakes and rework
  • 52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication
  • As much as $1.9 billion a year in Australia is the cost of rework caused by poor document control
  • 40% of construction companies are still using paper-based checklists on the job
  • Nearly 50% of the construction professionals manually prepare and process daily reports
  • The construction industry is one of the least digitised industries contributing to lopping roughly 9 billion trees every year, just for paper-based checklists

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You’re going to want to get to know this guy

Jordan Millar is the founder and CEO of ChekRite. ChekRite helps companies to trade in their paper-based process for digital-driven data solutions. 

“I created ChekRite more than 7 years ago to initially help the mining industry remove paper and know more about their assets. However, after seeing the same problem crop up over again in multiple industries from aerospace to food production, we knew we could help multiple industries harness the information locked away in paper-based forms.
Whilst we targeted the capturing of consistent, complete, timely, and structured information, a pleasant side-effect of this effort is that we are helping companies dramatically reduce the amount of paper that they use. Less paper equals more trees equals a healthier planet for us all.

To reach our goal we can't be selfish

we have curated a list of Aussie companies that offer a digital alternative to paper.

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