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Our Pricing Model

Subscription-based pricing

ChekRite is both affordable and simply priced. You simply pay for what you use. No per user or per device charges. It follows the growth and flow of your businesses. We have a simple transaction based pricing scheme with multiple tiers. As you move further up the tiers, the transactions become cheaper.

ChekRite Setup

One time fee to get your ChekRite environment up and running.
No server setup or excessive IT costs
No complex software to install
No annual maintenance or upgrade fees
Data conversion & import tools available

Monthly Transaction Price

One simple per transaction price that covers all features.
ChekRite: Data Capture App
ChekMate: Mobile Administration App
ChekTV: Real-Time Dashboarding App
Custom Branding
Multiple Site Support
Notifications Engine
Defect Management System
Private Data Warehouse
Reporting System
Advanced Checklist Creation Options
Customised Buttons & Controls
Capture Extra Information like Photos, Audio & More
And so much more...

Optional Services

Do It Yourself or outsource services to our expert staff.
Checklist Administration
Business Analysis Services
Training & Onboarding
Custom Development & Integration
Advanced Device Hardening & Administration

ChekRite will save you between 30% and 80% of your existing costs.

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