Explore the benefits of the full ChekRite Suite


ChekRite offer a range of services in addition to the hero ChekRite App to further support and enhance the data capture for your paperless business.



paperless inspection
ChekRite is an iOS app for managing data capture processes such as inspections and checklists. ChekRite eliminates the frustration associated with traditional paper-based clipboard checklists and provides a flexible, easy-to-use alternative. 
ChekRite does not replace your existing asset or maintenance management applications, instead it complements them!
All data captured can be quickly and easily integrated, eliminating the need for manual entry.

pre start inspection

ChekRite Analytics

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ChekRite Analytics is your intelligence software and data analytics platform which simply breaks down the results of checklists submitted through ChekRite.
This add on feature is integrated into your ChekRite portal and allows you to explore the information you capture with ChekRite in any way that you can imagine.
ChekRite Analytics is a tool to further business improvement and keep you in the know. 

pre-start inspection


Shadowed ChekBoard

ChekBoard allows you to remind teams when to do certain activities or keep them updated on progress.

Automatically, this feature is triggered by inspections staff members submit in ChekRite.
ChekBoard can further assist by improving operational consistency and compliance through the use of prompt reminder notifications.



Apple tv

ChekTV is a free App available on Apple TV which enables your business to display customised dashboards that report ChekRite data in real-time.
These screens are available on TV screens throughout your offices or operational locations. 
ChekTV is a convenient tool that allows key personnel or departments to be kept visually up-to-date with critical data in the format that you want.