Replace paper-based inspections with real-time data capture

We have considered everything when it comes to replacing paper, even your least tech-savvy team members will find using ChekRite to be as easy as an ATM. Save time, eliminate admin and prioritise compliance with ChekRite.


The ChekRite App will allow team members to complete custom-built checklists on their device, upload photos, audio, sign and submit their inspections electronically in real-time.


The ChekMate App allows managers to receive alerts and notifications of completed inspections, triage and request maintenance, manage and add users and asses asset performance anywhere, anytime.

ChekRite Analytics

A great tool to improve workflow and asset management, our desktop Analytics platform allows users to explore the data captured in ChekRite. Deep dive into data from the beginning of time with custom filters and easily generate reports.

Capture, Visualise, and Explore Field Data, in Real-Time.


ChekRite is an App for managing data capture processes such as inspections, audits, and checklists. ChekRite eliminates the frustration associated with traditional paper-based clipboard checklists and provides a flexible, easy-to-use alternative.

ChekRite does not replace your existing asset or maintenance management applications, instead, it complements them!

All data captured can be quickly and easily integrated, eliminating the need for manual entry.


ChekMate is a convenient management tool that allows authorised users to administer your users, assets, and devices on the go, triage and review issues, view your own personal reporting dashboards, and so much more.

Now you can know what's going on at all times straight from your phone. This companion app is ideal for Managers or Supervisors.


ChekRite Analytics is your intelligence software and data analytics platform which simply breaks down the results of checklists submitted through ChekRite.

This add on feature is integrated into your ChekRite Portal and allows you to explore the information you capture with ChekRite in any way that you can imagine. You can even set up your own reporting schedules to keep others informed.

ChekRite Analytics is a tool to further business improvement and keep you in the know.

Inside an Inspection

With the world's easiest user interface and 24/7 support, your team can't go wrong with ChekRite.

Responsive Layout
Adaptable to gloves, ChekRite offers buttons large enough to read behind your safety goggles with no typing required.
Ready when you are
Whether you're onsite, at a depo, or drilling in an underground mine, ChekRite will save and submit inspections without a Wifi connection.

Motivate your team with ChekRite Analytics

Empowering your team with technology is easy with ChekTV, ChekBoard and the Official ChekStore making paperless inspections a thing of the past. 


ChekTV is a free App available on Apple TV which enables your business to display customised dashboards that report ChekRite data in real-time.

These screens are available on TV screens throughout your offices or operational locations.

ChekTV is a convenient tool that allows key personnel or departments to be kept visually up-to-date with critical data in the format that you want.


ChekBoard allows you to remind teams when to do certain activities or keep them updated on progress.

Automatically, this feature is triggered by inspections staff members submit in ChekRite.

ChekBoard can further assist by improving operational consistency and compliance through the use of prompt reminder notifications.


ChekStore is the ultimate checklist marketplace available for anyone.

ChekStore offers users unlimited downloadable checklists made available in your personal ChekRite portal for you and your staff.

ChekStore is organised by industry and includes popular ready-made checklists for the inspections you conduct day to day, without having to make any customised changes but of course if you want to tweak them you can.


ChekRite in action

Don't take our word for it.

Explore life before and after the implementation of ChekRite with some of Australia's leading Construction and Mining companies. 

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