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App of the Week: Blinkist

Posted by Abby Harrison on Mar 13, 2019 1:14:19 PM





Do you ever look at an awesome book, think it’s way too long and will take forever to read, and then sadly put it back on the shelf?

There’s an app for that and today, I’m going to tell you everything there is to know about it.


It’s called Blinkist and the gist of it is this: 

Their team reads books, pulls out the key insights, and explains them in an easy-to-digest, 15 minute book summary.

Each key insight is called a blink and fits nicely on one page. With the free version of the app you can only read the daily pick. 

It’s one out of their 2,500+ book summaries, and it changes every day.


As of April 2018, Blinkist Premium is available as a monthly or annual plan.

The monthly plan costs $12.99 while the annual plan gives you 50% off. As such, it pays for itself within 6 months.

For $79.99 per year (or $6.67 per month), you’ll get access to their entire library of 2,500+ summaries, which is growing at 40 books per month.

Other features include highlighting and offline reading, audio versions for over 80% of the summaries, syncing

your highlights to Evernote and sending book summaries straight to your Kindle.


Similarities to ChekRite:

1) Affordable monthly subscription, billed monthly 

2) User has access to premium features with no in app advertising 


4) Simple to use and navigate for every type of user

5) Free trial

6) Syncing abilities for both offline wifi, 4g and 3g devices 



What we love? The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

Try it out today on Blinklist!




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