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App of the Week: Spotify

Posted by Abby Harrison on Mar 7, 2019 1:41:45 PM


Consider these scenarios: 


1) Your morning commute to work. Are you on the bus? The train? Are you walking? Are you late (again)?

No doubt, wherever you are, you are listening to music. 


2) Your workday. Are you listening to the office radio? Are you todays designated Office DJ? Are you in the car or on a flight for work? 

No doubt, wherever you are, you will be exposed to an aux cord. 


3) Saturday Night. Are you pre-drinking for the night ahead? Are you curled up on the couch with the cat? 

No doubt, whatever your doing, you need some entertainment value. 


The thing is, it's very hard to imagine doing just about anything without a little musical motivation. 

Whether it helps you get in the zone, it aids your flow and concentration levels, or it helps you zone out after a long day on the tools,

music is a form of meditation that we can all agree- requires a very different

level of synth and soothe to accomodate each individuals particular taste. 


Enter Spotify.  


For this weeks Spotlight App, we bring to you a platform to stream just about any song to you

hearts content, using your laptop, phone or tablet. 



  • 1) Available for desktop, as well as Android and iOS, Spotify allows you to stream music pretty much
  • everywhere, and as part of it's Downloadable Playlist Premium Feature, they
  • truly live up to that with the ability to download your playlist over wifi, to access later
  • without using mobile data or poor reception interrupting your stream quality. 

2) Make a playlist for every mood. Unlimited Moods. 

3) Access your music on multiple devices to switch between methods of both music

quality and usage. 

4) No Lock in contracts: Cancel anytime!

5) Offers both Premium ($11.99 per month) and Free features.


Similarities to ChekRite:

1) Affordably monthly subscription, billed monthly 

2) User has access to premium features with no in app advertising 


4) Simple to use and navigate for every type of user

5) Free trial



Follow ChekRite on Spotify: spotify:user:12149587459 to hear what we are playing in our HQ this month! 


To Download Spotify and trial the premium features, head to:




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