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ChekRite for iOS.

Posted by Abby Harrison on Mar 7, 2019 11:05:55 AM

3rd Party Accessories 


Because there is a lot of uniformity in device sizes and specifications for iOS devices, it’s a much more attractive market for 3rd Party Accessory makers. There is a much larger range of cases and industry-specific accessories for iPads giving ChekRite customers a huge range to choose from. Many Android devices will only have available the cases they shipped with and options like magnetic mounts, military-grade cases, intrinsically safe and even waterproof cases just don’t exist.
Apple also has a Made for iOS (MFi) scheme that certifies devices as being compliant with the platform which not only guarantees quality but also safety.



Perhaps one of the bigger myths about iOS devices is that they cost more than Android devices. Yes, you can pick up a cheap Android tablet for under $50 but it is not likely to be able to perform in an enterprise environment, nor will it take the latest versions of the OS, be compatible with a range of 3rd party accessories, or be able to be remotely managed. In reality, these cheap Android devices are simply just media players, fine for giving to the kids to watch movies on but not what you want to be using for inspecting your equipment. Of course, there are Android devices that have similar capabilities to an iPad but they end up costing around the same or even more. To the right are two similar entry-level tablets from Apple & Samsung from a big brand retailer.



Whilst Android is very popular in the consumer mobile phone market, it’s a very different story in the enterprise tablet market. With 98% of the Fortune 500 and 93% of the Global 500 adopting iPads, iOS has a commanding lead in this market. The Jamf Trends Survey 1 has the iOS penetration at 99% in enterprises.


With over 8,400 new malware-infected apps on Android per day according to G Data in the first quarter of 2017, you 2 can see why the majority of enterprises turn to iOS. The openness of the Android platform is the very thing that contributes to this weakness. Apple’s curated platform (also replicated by Windows Phone) have so far prevented any widespread malware attack on the platform. Furthermore, users are slow to update Android to the latest versions that protect against vulnerabilities. This is partly due to carriers not releasing the latest versions for their subscribers and even after 10 months of release, the latest version of Android only runs on 0.7% of devices compared to over 79% of iOS devices running the latest version 3 4 5 (released a month after Androids latest version) and 16% running last years version.



Apple has thought about enterprise right from the start of iOS and has implemented a number of technologies inside every iOS device to make it easier to manage for enterprises. Not only do they provide a very capable free solution for Mobile Device Management (MDM) but they also provide hooks for many 3rd party solutions to enable enterprises to remotely manage any corporate devices. This is a huge benefit to a company’s IT department. Furthermore, with built-in services like Find my iPhone/iPad and Activation Lock, iOS devices are less likely to be stolen and more likely to be recovered if lost. Reuters have stated that theft of iOS devices are down 40% since the feature was enabled. 



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