Embrace Digital Technologies

  • Reduce costs and increase productivity by switching from traditional paper-practices to innovative digital systems.  
  • Remove ambiguity and reduce human error - ditch handwriting and typing to produce faster and more accurate results every time.
  • Find relevant information on inspections without wasting time searching through chaotic filing cabinets.
  • Conduct accurate and timely inspections using ChekRite's simple user-interface.

Implement Risk Management Strategies

  • Have confidence your company is being compliant by customising checklists to suit relevant industry safety protocols. 
  • Embrace ChekRite's digital processes to detect and prevent risks using ChekRite's Data Analytics service or your own tools to extract and analyse data.
  • Seamlessly integrate ChekRite into your operations by creating standardised safety audit templates for different sectors, vehicles and other safety areas. Update audit reports in minutes.

See how Sargent integrated ChekRite to ensure all of their vehicles align with industry standards. 


Observe, Record, Report

  • Conduct inspections and receive automatic alerts when audits are updated and completed. 
  • Access reports from a centralised location to improve performance systems and decision-making abilities. 
  • Streamline auditing processes so employees can attach media to reports from out in the field, without manually entering changes at the office.
  • Take advantage of ChekRite's various methods of capturing important information through bar codes, time-stamps, geo-location, audio files and many more.
  • Allow employees to detect and immediately notify management of any faults in equipment. Real-time insight means errors can quickly be fixed.
  • Automatically generate and distribute audit reports to the people who need them. 

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