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ChekRite is the most powerful platform to conduct manufacturing inspections from your device, keeping you in the know from the warehouse to the road, to the depot. 


Here are some checklists our customers are using:

Pre-Delivery Service Inspection, Manufacturing Quality Control Inspection, Unusual Conditions Audit, Manufacturing Risk Assessment, Facility Inspection, Overhead Crane Inspections, Store Standards Checklist, High-Risk Machine Safety Assesment, Facility Review, Forklift Truck Safety Audit, Welding Process Checklist, Lockout and Tagout Audit, Incoming Product Checklist, Raw Meat and Grocery Checklist, Safety Walk Checklist, Heavy Vehicle Inspection, Pre-Start Inspection, Driver Assesment, Road Freight Transport Checklist, Alertness Assesment, Aircraft Ground Handling Checklist, Feuling Audit, Fleet Vehicle Inspection... 

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Maximise Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency and productivity by integrating innovative mobile solutions into your inspection workflows

Empower your Team

Empower your crew with our intuitive and user-friendly applications that are designed to minimise their learning curve and encourage them to use the system every day

Save Time

Reduce the time spent on photographing the equipment and manually compiling reports with ChekRite's integrated photo-capture functionality

Increase Productivity

Impress your clients with error-free and timely inspections using our unique workflow which allows the user to perform an inspection without hand-writing or manually typing comments

Eliminate Paper Scraps

Effortlessly retrieve all your data from the easily searchable digital filing cabinet the moment you need it, and reclaim all that space occupied by tons of paper documents and folders

Improve Process

Establish consistency of policies, procedures, and practices across your business with digital checklists and inspections and ensure compliance with relevant industry safety protocols by customising checklists as the requirements change
Northern Forklifts - 30 sec

You’re trying to elevate the quality and safety of your warehouse, not keep track of endless paper forms and inspections.

Paperless checklists take away the administrative burden of reporting and allows you to focus on the actual safety and quality of your workplace.

By implementing digital forms, you get real-time updates on machine performance which is easily accessible for those who need to stay in the know. 

Paperless forms offer the ability to bring your ChekRite tool into the field with you and eliminate clunky weight from heights or confined spaces. 


Avoid manual data entry, analyse trends in automatically-collected ChekRite Analytics data, automate communication in your team, and standardise the inspecting processes throughout your business. 

How one business saves 8,000 pieces of paper a year:

"The technology has helped us massively through including detailed reports, photos in the checks, and have it all available when we need it. We have reduced our costs in paper, in waste as well as staff training in completing all the checks."
- John Fowler, Fowlers Machinery 

I can see what's being done with ChekRite, there is no hunting around for information. 

Rebecca Finlay

Golden Bay Cement Factory

Golden Bay Cement Factory
ChekRite your Fuel

ChekRite your Fuel

For large projects, you’re going to need a lot of fuel. As a contractor, it may be necessary to supply fuel as part of your wet hire agreement. This can be challenging if the project is in a remote area, or you face machines being returned with fuel missing. ChekRite is the solution to ensuring fuel levels are maintained on equipment return, reinforcing accountability and cost recovery.

ChekRite your Operating conditions

ChekRite your Operating Conditions

If you're using your machines for wet or dry hire, it is imperative as part of the pre-start inspection, that your operator asses the operating conditions prior to beginning work. ChekRite can help your operator determine whether the environment is safe for work simply, to sidestep devastation and damage to your assets. 

ChekRite your Access Equipment

ChekRite your Access Equipment

Crane Operators achieve vertical access on job sites, and get to hard-to-reach places. From Slewing Cranes, to Tower Cranes, operators find ChekRite to be a valuable resource when assessing safety, due to the ease and simplicity of an electronic inspection, by minimising clutter in confined environments at height.  

ChekRite your Warehouse

ChekRite your Warehouse

Know how your sites are performing with ChekRite. From the Warehouse to the road, to the depot, it's important to be able to manage and track the logistics of the items in which you are transporting.

ChekRite allows for real-time reporting so you are able to track and trace your trucks, while simultaneously checking in with your warehouse safety inspections. 

ChekRite your Warehouse

ChekRite your Manufacturing

Conduct plant inspections, equipment pre-start checks, and safety audits from wherever you are with ChekRite. 

Minimise time by doing the right checks right the first time with pre-empted questionnaires which are designed to keep an eye out for hazards.

Weave digital checking into your Quality and Safety Inspections to maximise compliance and create efficient manufacturing plants and warehouses.    

ChekRite your Warehouse

ChekRite your Transport

Prevent Transportation accidents and reduce workplace risk with ChekRite. By conducting Pre-Start Vehicle Inspections as well as driver audits, you can be sure your vehicles and drivers are practicing safety at all times. 

Use ChekRite to collect and analyse quality data from your entire transport and logistics orgainisation, and gain clarity around where safety initiatives need improvement and where your team is excelling. 


ChekRite - Northern Forklifts

Northern Forklifts are proud to be the New Zealand distributors of a complete range of Petrol/LPG, Diesel, and Electric forklifts, from walk-behind pallet trucks to 32-tonne capacity forklifts, all manufactured by China’s biggest exporter of materials handling equipment.

The rugged reliable hard-to-break, easy-to-fix Hangcha comes in a variety of specifications to suit any application and is sold or leased countrywide with full product support from their dealers and service agents.

Black and White Cabs

It’s all about keeping you in the know...

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