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Black & White’s cab quality increased by 20% within weeks of implementing ChekRite. With increasing competition, they needed to be confident that the quality of their taxis was improving.

The client

One of Australia's Largest Taxi Companies

Black & White Cabs has been serving the community for over 100 years. They've done this by adapting to changes in the industry, listening to their customers and continually researching and implementing new technology.

Faced with increasing competition from new and existing players in the industry, they needed to be confident that their cabs were clean and professional looking.

The need

Improve Cab Quality without Additional Staff

Black & White needed to measurably improve the appearance of their taxis but didn't have the resources to employ additional inspectors and follow-up any issues raised.

They also wanted to make sure that no matter who was doing the inspection, the same standards were being consistently applied.

The solution

Implemented in 3 Days, Immediately and Measurably Effective

Within three days of meeting ChekRite, Black and White had deployed an efficient consistent inspection process. This process made sure each taxi was being inspected the same way and to the same standards no matter who was doing the inspection.

The solution was so simple that other staff were able to quickly step in and complete taxi inspections even if they hadn't previously done so.
The taxi operators loved ChekRite because now they had photographic evidence of what needed to be improved to make resolution faster.

ChekRite was also able to better track which taxis had been inspected and manage different inspection cycles for different operators. Reporting on compliance was now as simple as a click of a button.

Because ChekRite was so easy to customise, it made it simple to make seasonal or regulatory adjustments to the inspection process.

"ChekRite came along and gave us the solution to everything in one meeting. It was amazing. What we now have is the ability to stop things from dropping through the cracks."

Black & White Cabs

Why ChekRite?


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Inspections & Audits

If you ever need to check, inspect or audit anything, ChekRite is the easiest way to capture that information. Plus once you have captured it, you can manage, analyse and improve with ChekRite too.

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