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Experience real-time data capture from the field to your phone,
when you replace paper-based inspections with ChekRite.
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Capture data with glove-friendly touch and go pre-fill options, upload photos and record audio straight from your device.

Inspect with ChekRite App.


Empower your team with the ability to capture data electronically from the field, and stay notified in real-time. 

Manage with ChekMate App. 


We have considered everything when it comes to ChekRite, even your least tech-savvy team members.


ChekRite allows your team to conduct digital inspections with custom-built checklists, collect detailed information with clear questioning, capture and annotate photos using your device’s camera, record voice notes with your device's microphone, and when you're finished, sign, submit and share your inspection instantly with a single click.

How we help your business




Save Money

ChekRite will eliminate unexpected expenses by ensuring you know how your assets are performing at all times. Say goodbye to server costs, annual maintenance, upgrade fees and IT costs.




Save Time

By going paperless, you will save an abundance of time going through pages and piles of illegible paper scraps. ChekRite stores everything for you in the Cloud which makes accessing your information virtually instant.




Save the Planet

Prevent disaster with the ability to upload visual and audio files to your report. This paperless feature is such a great way to monitor your equipment and keep staff accountable.

Data never looked so good TRY IT NOW

ChekRite in action

Don't take our word for it.

Explore life before and after the implementation of ChekRite with some of Australia's leading Construction and Mining companies. 


"Australia's leading data capture platform"




"Since the implementation of ChekRite we have virtually eliminated our Admin and our productivity has gone through the roof. Not only can we send reports instantly to our admin team, but we can also send reports to our customers so they know what's happening with the technician onsite."

Mike Harrison
Service Manager



"ChekRite allows us to control the workflow, monitor how long the checks take, and to get useful data at the end of the check process that we can use to improve the quality of our product."

Shane Valley
National Engineering Manager
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Trusted by hundreds of businesses, let us show you how ChekRite empowers your team with technology


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