Empowering Businesses, with Technology.

How it works

Eliminate Admin. Prioritise Compliance. Recover Costs.
To get started, request a demo from our team to see how ChekRite puts you in the know with intuitive digital checklists for your projects, processes and people
Choose or build your own checklist relevant to your industry, to use on your own device
Capture consistent, complete, timely, and structured process data simply, with pre-fill options relevant to your equipment
Upload Photos and Audio to highlight any risks to safety, assets, business, reputation and environment
Pre-empt delay, damage, and disputation with a securely stored, easily accessible, single version of the truth
Improve by analysing ChekAnalytics data to drive process improvement in both effectiveness and efficiency

Why replace paper?

Save money using chekrite

Save Money

Say goodbye to server costs, annual maintenance, upgrade fees and IT costs. ChekRite will eliminate unexpected expenses by ensuring you know how your assets are performing at all times.  
Save time with ChekRite

Save Time

By going paperless, you will save an abundance of time going through pages and piles of illegible paper scraps. ChekRite stores everything for you in the Cloud which makes accessing your information virtually instant.
Prevent disaster with ChekRite

Prevent Disaster

Prevent disaster with the ability to upload visual and audio files to your report. This paperless feature is such a great way to monitor your equipment and keep staff accountable.
Capture data with ChekRite

Capture Data

ChekRite has the capacity to cease the incomplete, inconsistent, illegible, unstructured and untimed paper based inspections to instead find what you need, trust what you read, and analyse your feed to help you improve the way you store crucial information.

You dig the holes. We get you out of them.

ChekRite is used daily, for thousands of inspections, all over Australia and New Zealand.