As easy as an ATM

For the person doing the actual inspection, the app is as easy to use as an ATM. Designed with the end user in mind, intuitive and an approachable interface guarantees rapid adoption. No hefty user manuals or days of training required.

Faster than you think

Data capture and retrieval is faster than paper or our competitors. Instead of typing or handwriting notes, with ChekRite’s innovative workflow you can simply select one of the predefined answers. Pass or Fail? Scratched or stained? Performing an inspection is now as fast as touching the screen.

Step by step

Questions are presented one at a time in the order you prescribe.  Ensuring consistent and efficient processes, whether being done by an experienced user or a first timer.

Capture every detail

Take photos inside the app that are automatically filed in the right place with the right data such as asset, user, location and timestamp. After the photo is taken, use convenient tools to annotate it. No detail will escape.


More than a picture

A picture may tell a thousand words but sometimes you need more than that. ChekRite has dozens of different ways of capturing extra information including audio, barcodes, dates, times, numbers and so many more.

Manage on the go

Manage issues as they arise out in the field with ChekMate.

Make it yours

At no extra cost, custom design your own checklists with our easy to use online form builder then publish them to all your organisation’s devices.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Something went wrong? Automatic notifications are sent in real time to people in your organisation that need to know. You can now take actions immediately and ensure compliance. At all times, any time.

Drill into data

All information is captured in a structured and consistent way, making analysis easy. Extract and process the results with your own tools or use ChekRite’s Data Analytics service to get instant insights into your business process and improve decision making.


Know where and when

Each step is automatically time stamped and geolocated, for audit purposes and business process improvement. Document when & where the breach occurred, discover which questions consume the most time and boost efficiency by developing an optimal workflow.

Your very own Mission Control

Keep everyone at the head office up to date with real-time dashboards using ChekTV.

File in the Cloud

Easily file all the inspections you undertake in your Cloud Storage solution like Google Drive, DropBox and One Drive. You can set up your own folder structure and name the documents dynamically. Finally, zero touch filing!

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