See the features that make ChekRite  leagues above the rest.


Stay in the know with customisable, real-time, exception-based notifications to focus on the things that matter to you most.

Easy to Use

A typing-free, glove-friendly, intuitive interface makes ChekRite easy to onboard new staff with minimal training. It's as easy to use as an ATM, yet incredibly powerful.

Ghost Mode

Allows previous images to be overlayed on top of the current image to easily spot any damage that may have occurred since the last time the asset was inspected.

Powerful Integrations

ChekRite plays well with others. From industry-standard ERPs to a homegrown booking system, ChekRite makes those other systems better with our plug-and-play integrations.

Customise Everything

Your business is unique as are your processes. From the branding in the app, to the checklists, everything in ChekRite can be easily customised by you, for you.

Real-time Dashboards

User-configurable widgets show real-time, high-level information graphically to keep everyone in the know.

Asset Documents

Store any document associated with your assets such as insurance certificates, registrations or manuals, and have them available to every user whenever and wherever they need it.

Defect Management

It's one thing to know your assets are inspected but what about any issues or defects? Our innovative defect management process will keep you on top of everything that has been raised in seconds not hours. Instantly triage any issues raised and use powerful workflow features to notify, track and measure their resolution.


Use ChekRite's scheduling system or plug in your own, and know what was done, what wasn't done and what should've been done.

Dynamic Checklists

Build powerful dynamic checklists that adapt to the asset being inspected. Only ask relevant questions or only ask them on certain days.