Customer Stories

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Boom Logistics

ChekRite's solution has revolutionized Boom Logistics' operations by providing a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective way to manage their equipment, ensuring compliance, consistency, and safety.

Black & White Cabs

Black & White’s cab quality increased by 20% within weeks of implementing ChekRite. With increasing competition, they needed to be confident that the quality of their taxis was improving.

CPB Contractors

Managing over 1200 sub-contractors, 5,000 users and 30,000 assets with only 4 staff has become simple thanks to ChekRite.

Penske Commercial Vehicles

ChekRite revolutionized Penske's manufacturing operation, improving product quality and providing data-driven insights for process improvement.

South Island Forklifts

South Island Forklifts streamlined inspections with ChekRite, tracking forklift condition and saving time and money, all while enhancing customer service.

Superior Pak

Superior Pak manufactures garbage truck bodies and uses ChekRite to ensure quality and safety throughout their manufacturing process for garbage truck bodies, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.